Chaos, mixed media, 36x 48“, 2008

Arabella Decker

Artist Statement

Nothing's left
but goo and rubble.
Picking through
the unrecognizable,
I must salvage something.
A glimmer of color;
one reaches out.
It is also destroyed
by unknown others.
My soul SCREAMS!
Who do I hate?
Why me!


Arabella Decker’s early life was evenly split between business (daughter of a prominent Chicago banker, BA Summa Cum Laude from American InterContinental University) and art (The Art Institute of Chicago, Rudolph Schaeffer School of Design, studied with a number of notable artists).

Decker has lived in San Francisco and on the coast just south of San Francisco for nearly 50 years, and the “coastal light” permeates her paintings. She also sculpts, and has developed a unique method of creating larger-than-life sculptures for public sites. As an artist expert in both 2-D and 3-D, she is often called upon to judge competitions.

Decker’s business expertise continues to benefit the non-profit art community: she is corporate treasurer of the Peninsula Museum of Art; founding member and mainstay of the Coastal Arts League in Half Moon Bay, CA; past president of the Peninsula chapter of Women’s Caucus for Art; past president of the Peninsula Sculptors’ Guild; and past president of San Francisco Artists’ Equity.