War, III; Control: The Occupation (Poems from Guantanamo),
   mixed media on paper, 55 x 28“, 2009

Cosette Dudley

Artist Statement

“Control” depicts the final stage of war, The Occupation. The population is controlled. There appears to be no hope. But sometimes Art, in the form of music, poetry and other forms, can be the detainees’ salvation


A third generation Californian, Cosette Dudley was born in Sacramento, California in 1935 during the Great Depression and subsequent world war. There was scarcity and hardship in families, her own included. This experience set the direction of her life. Starting in early childhood, she turned to imagination and creativity for help. She has been an artist for over sixty years.

In the 1950s, Dudley studied with painter Wayne Thiebaud at Sacramento City College. After living in London for several years, she attended Stanford University, graduating in 1964. Lithography with Barbara Foster (San Francisco City College) and photogravure at Crown Point Press followed. Among her affiliations are California Society of Printmakers and Los Angeles Printmakers Society.

Dudley’s work is dark in tone. It focuses primarily on war, social injustices, and the environment. In contrast, her close family ties have inspired etchings depicting multi-generational history. She is married, with two grown daughters, four grandchildren and a great granddaughter.

In 1971, Dudley was a founder of Appletree Press, a fine-arts printmaking facility in San Mateo, which thrived for 32 years. In the community she worked as a social worker, and, during the Vietnam War, helped organize the Palo Alto Peace Union of which she was a director.

Her studio is in Belmont.