Bodice, Cast Bronze,48 x 36 x 24“, 2008

Angela Fortain

Artist Statement

The bodice, corset, and bra can be instruments of control. Separating the sensual object that once transformed the wearer into an object of sexuality allows us to examine the object, and our own desire.


Angela Fortain is a native California artist, born in Pomona she now lives in Benicia, CA with her husband Stephen Stark a goldsmith and sculptor and their daughter Sabina who primarily works in Play Dough and polymer clay. As the multimedia matron of her creative family Angela works in blown glass, sterling silver and cast bronze, cast aluminum and cast Iron, she sews too.

She has studied glassblowing at colleges in Santa Ana, San Bernardino and the corning school of glass in New York. She currently assists Dave Lindsay at Lindsay Art Glass and produces her jewelry in her home studio, and casts larger metal pieces at Diablo Valley College, Pleasant Hill, CA

In her new series “Overt Underthings” she explores how distorting the shape of the body can be both liberating and imprisoning. The bodice, the corset and the bra can be instruments of empowerment, or torture. The same power that forces a person to attempt to control ones shape can deliver power over others. Society dictates which body shapes are pleasant and which are not. The beauty of the body is natural, yet in the garments that conceal and accentuate the physical form there is an unnatural beauty. By separating and immortalizing the sensual object that once transformed the wearer into an object of sexuality, allows us to examine not only the object, but our own desires.