Knit, carved cardboard,34 x 44“, 2007

Judy Johnson-Williams

Artist Statement

“Knit” is about our particularly tangled relationships as daughter-mothers. All of us are daughters with complicated relationships with our mothers and our daughters; we both create them and hobble them.


Judy Johnson-Williams is a self taught artist, who took a detour through chemistry before discovering the true meaning of life. She gleefully toured drawing, watercolor, pastels, and printmaking before hitting her true media of drawing with a knife on cardboard. Using large sheets of scavenged cardboard from boxes, she turns the rejected into the much sought after, while still respecting it's previous life by using the staple holes etc as a part of the composition. The entire cardboard is painted a single color and the layers are carved away to reveal the original colors and texture. This is a unique media that uses pattern and perspective to create depth while emphasizing the dance of light and shadow.

She lives just south of San Francisco.