Daedalus, mixed media sculpture, 510 x 20, 2002

Louise Maloof

Artist Statement

There is a violent line of blood and suffering throughout human history. It destroys our souls and our home, planet earth. Our blindingly silent conformities and complicities support these devastations generation after generation. I have chosen to portray some of their effects in parables for our early histories. What, then, shall we do?


I was born in West Texas and spent my childhood there an din New Mexico. The clear quality of sunlight and sere landscapes of those desolate places formed a hunger for visual expression and meaning in my life. I studied art at UCLA and Otis Parsons, where I was mentored by Simeon Wade, a disciple of Michel Foucault, Coleen Sterrit in the sculpture department and Scott Grieger, our fine arts chair and Renaissance authority. Studies of Surrealists and Poststructuralists opened a world of adventure into the mysteries of language connections within the mind and challenged me to make art of it. I work mostly in oils, beeswax, canvas, linen and wood. I paint late Renaissance style on very flat planes usually of birch or mahogany panels. The sides and backs are completely covered in a thick coating of beeswax, which protects the wood from moisture, fungi, temperature change and insects. The sculpture is crafted in mixed media derived from the arte povera school using found objects, wood, steel and ready mades. I use architecture, technology and nature as metaphors for the journey of the human soul, with all its yearnings. My work is collected in worldwide.