Suffrage, mixed media, 36 x 36, 2009

Tamara White

Artist Statement

This piece focuses on the remarkable women who took control of their destiny by refusing to accept the terms that were placed upon them while commanding a change over their future and those of generations to come.


A mixed media artist based in Northern California, Tamara White has been featured at several galleries throughout the area, and has been named as representing the vibrancy, fearlessness, and experimentation that is trademark of the Bay Area.

With notebook in hand she is constantly recording visual and auditory cues that surface day to day, lyrical expressions, found objects, borrowed words and symbols, building one layer upon the next to produce a richly, texturized piece.

Tamara was born in Chester, California and graduated from San Francisco State with a graduate degree in Visual Communications. Thereafter, she found the tactile approach of fine art more appealing than computer graphics; basically liking to get her hands messy. Tamara is currently working with high school students as an artist in residence at Castro Valley High School and elementary students at Escuele Bilingue International.