Ceres Gallery
547 West 27th Street, Suite 201
New York, NY 10001


February 1–26th, 2011

Thursday, February 10, 2011
6 - 9PM


Curator’s Notes:

The curatorial committee endeavored to create a pertinent and timely exhibition for women artists with a theme that would stimulate the artists and viewers alike into meaningful dialogue. Control indicates power and strength for some and alternatively a sense of vulnerability and helplessness for others. The work in this exhibition reflects a myriad of interpretations on aspects of control and its significance to the artist.

What does one control? What controls the individual in life, body, temperament, destiny, society, religion, family and addictions/desires? What does a sense of power over ones environment look like and what comes to mind if that power or control is stripped away? How have political, social or economic controls shaped ones life and the lives of others? In what ways does the media and popular culture dictate and control? And how much control does one have to exert or to yield in order to survive?

The artists examine the juxtaposition of internal and external controls placed on our bodies, our minds, our lives and thus how we react and manifest these controls into our psyche and ultimately our art. “Control” talks about these crucial issues in the world and mirrors each artist’s individual experience. In this context, the message matters as much as the medium.

The original exhibition at SOMArts Cultural Center, San Francisco in August 2009 showcased 92 works by 79 artists. The work and statements were well thought out, personal and very moving; to me each was a gift that alternatively made me laugh and made me cry. The emotional honesty and strength of the works on themes of gender roles, consumerism, war, ethnicity, religion, body image, political and cultural power, motherhood, domestic abuse and family life, sexual identity and mind control are a testimony to the creative spirit of these artists.

Due to gallery size constraints, we had to reduce the number of works (which was very difficult to have to choose from among all the powerful works) that would travel to the Ceres Gallery, to whom we are so very grateful to host this exhibition.
I want to sincerely thank Ceres Gallery and WCA for their time on this exhibition and their continued efforts to support women artists.

Karen Gutfreund, Curator

Karen Gutfreund
Exhibition Coordinator




Arabella Decker

Eleanor Dickinson
Cosette Dudley
Yvonne Escalante
Angela Fortain
Cynthia Grilli
Karen Gutfreund
Elaine Jason
Judy Johnson-Williams
Louise Maloof
Yoko Mazza
Kim McCool Nelson
Joanne Beaule Ruggles
Centa Schumacher
Caroline Seckinger
Leigh Toldi
Ruth Waters
Corinne Whitaker
Tamara White


Show sponsored by WCA