Executive Committee

Laura Morrison, Artist, New Hampshire Chapter, Concord, NH
president [at] nationalwca.org
Past President
Margo Hobbs, WCA Past President (2018–20, ) Art Historian, Chair &
Professor at Muhlenberg College, Allentown, PA
Treasurer/Secretary/Honor AwardsChair/WCA Legacy Initiative
Janice Nesser-Chu, WCA Past President (2010–12), Dean of Liberal Arts, Chair of Humanities,
and Professor at Florissant Valley College, St. Louis, MO
2nd VP
Hillary Raimo, New York Chapter, Altamont, NY
VP Chapter Relations
Alyce Haliday McQueen, Artist, Chicago Chapter, Chicago, IL
VP Special Events
Noreen Dean Dresser, Artist, Chapter Treasurer New York, WCA Past President (2002–04)
VP Communications
Sahiti Bonam, Artist, Philadelphia Chapter, Philadelphia, PA

Regional Vice Chairs

Regional Chair Northeast
Eva Preston, Artist, Philadelphia Chapter, Philadelphia PA
Regional Co-Chairs Southeast
Judy Segall, Artist, Florida Chapter, FL
Deb Slowey, Artist, Florida Chapter, FL
Regional Chair Midwest
Laurie Talbot Hall, Artist, Curator, and Collector, Member-at-large, Middleton, WI
Regional Chair Southwest
Rona Lesser, Artist, Member-at-large, Houston, TX
Regional Chair Pacific/Northwest
Ulla Barr, Artist, Southern California Chapter, San Clemente, CA


Pattie Byron, Artist, Colorado Chapter, Pine, CO
Sandra Davis, Artist, Washington DC Chapter, Gaithersburg, MD
Dellis Frank, Artist, Southern California Chapter, Lomita, CA
T’Alyne, Artist, Lifetime Member, Las Animas County, CO
Emily Getsay, Artist, Georgia Chapter, Atlanta, GA
Sandra Mueller, Artist, Curator & Community Organizer, So California Chapter, Mailbu, CA
Allicette Torres, Artist, New York Chapter,  NY
Laura Phelps Rogers, Artist, Colorado Chapter, Denver, CO
Linda Gilbert-Schneider, Curator, New York Chapter, Brooklyn, NY

Honor Awards Selection Committee

Chair: Janice Nesser-Chu

Nominations Committee

Chair: Margo Hobbs

Conference Committee

Chair: Open

Board Appointed Advisor

CAA and the Committee on Women in the Arts Liaison
Rachel Epp Buller, Assistant Professor, Bethel College, Member-at-large, Newton, KS


Director of Operations
Karin Luner, Saugerties, NY



Standing Committees

Honor Awards Selection Committee

Chair: Janice Nesser-Chu
Amalia Mesa-Bains
Kat Griefen
Ferris Olin
Howardena Pindell
Melissa Potter
Ruth Weisberg

Nominations Committee

Chair: Margo Hobbs
Sandra Davis
Kat Griefen
Dellis Frank
Laura Morrison
Patti Byron
Emily Getsay

Conference Committee

Chair: Open

Caucus Chairs

Eco-art Caucus
Laura Phelps Rogers, Artist, Colorado Chapter, Denver, CO
International Caucus
Allicette Torres, NYC Chapter, NYC (Interim Chair)
Jewish Women Artists Network (JWAN)
Reva Solomon, Artist, New York Chapter, NY
Young Women’s Caucus (YWC)
Bianca Lago, Artist, Member-at-large, San Francisco, CA


AD HOC Committees

Art Writers Committee

Chair: Margo Hobbs
Megan Adams
Rachel Epp Buller
Karen Frostig
Jennie Klein
Rosemary Meza-DesPlas
Rachel Middleman
Susan Platt
Anne Swartz

Communications Committee

Chair: Sahiti Bonam
Alyce Haliday McQueen
Margo Hobbs
Marcia Santore
Deborah Walmer
Christine Kim (Advisor) 

Exhibitions Committee

Chair: Noreen Dean Dresser
Susan Ossman
Dellis Frank
Patti Byron
Zoe Charleton (advisor)
Patricia Hernandez (advisor)

Governance Committee
Chair: Janice Nesser-Chu
Margo Hobbs

Legacy Committee

Chair: Janice Nesser-Chu
Janet Wade
Marilyn Hayes
Sandra Mueller
Linda Gilbert-Schneider
Susan King

LGBTQIA+ Committee

Chair: Emily Getsay
Noreen Dean Dresser
Margo Hobbs

Membership Committee

Chair: Sandra Davis
Janice Nesser-Chu
Margo Hobbs
Noreen Dean Dresser

Student Clubs

Chair: Open
Susan King
Margo Hobbs

If you are interested joining the board, please check Excel sheet for open positions

Mailing Address

Women's Caucus for Art
PO Box 1498
Canal Street Station
New York, NY 10013


Women's Caucus for Art
640 Bartholomew Road–Rm 122A
Piscataway, NJ 08854 

Director of Operations

Karin Luner

WCA President

Laura Morrison