Kinship: The Art of Connection

Kinship: The Art of Connection

Women Eco Artists Dialog (WEAD) online magazine  Issue No.14 – Kinship: The Art of Connection
Edited by Connie Tell and Donna Brookman

Inter-Connection/ Sustenance & Healing  Cecilia Vicuña
Community and Kin Builders  Christine and Margaret Wertheim
Collective Memory and Displacement  Nazanin Noroozi
Cross-Cultural Kinship  Rina Banerjee
Spiritual Connectivity  Chiyomi Taneike Longo
Kinship: Guest Editors  Connie Tell and Donna Brookman

WEAD Mission Statement:
Focusing on women’s unique perspectives we collaborate internationally to further the field and understanding of ecological and social justice art.

Purpose: To provide information regarding the ecoart and social justice art fields to artists, curators, writers, art and public art administrators, educators in art and ecology, cross-disciplinary professionals and others.To facilitate international networking among artists working with ecological and social justice issues.To further the fields of, and the understanding of environmental and social justice art.