Reflections of Culture

Reflections of Culture

The Chicano Humanities and Arts Council (CHAC) and the Women’s Caucus for Art Colorado Chapter (WCACO) are collaborating on a joint art exhibition on the reflection of our culture from the feminine perspective. 

This call is open to ALL women-identifying artists, including CHAC members, WCACO members, and non-members. 

Our cultures and backgrounds are as unique to each individual as grains of sand, each informed by our ancestors, communities, and geography. As women and artists we take in our backgrounds and surroundings, contemplate what it means to us, and produce works of art that are reflections of our life experiences. 

Artists are invited to make a piece of art that reflects their unique culture and write a brief (150 words or less) statement that describes how the art addresses the show theme. 

Through this exhibition, artists will learn about each other. Both artists and visitors will discover the beauty and richness of diverse cultures.