Laurie Talbot Hall
Midwest Regional Chair

To the Nominating Committee:

It is with great pleasure that I nominate and strongly endorse Donna Jackson for President Elect of the National Women’s Caucus for Art (WCA). From my first interactions with Donna in April 2020, I appreciated the genuine enthusiasm she possesses for supporting women in the arts. She has a sincere desire to partner with networks of women artists. Moreover, Donna has the experience and technical knowledge to accomplish her goals. For eighteen years, Donna has developed marketing and promotional materials for nonprofits.

She is the founder of Women’s Work Art Gallery. In this capacity, Donna participated on the team that created PERSIST and Reimagine, the 2020 Midwest Regional Art Exhibition. During the eight months that we worked on the exhibition, Donna not only delivered what she promised but often contributed more than what she had agreed to accomplish. She is skilled at conceptually organizing tasks and tools to turn complicated goals into components that can be tackled. Donna is currently president of the Michigan chapter of WCA and has been working to update the chapter’s social media, to increase diversity, and to access areas of the state that are not being reached by WCA.

WCA would be well served by a President Elect who understands the importance of social media presence in contemporary networking. She would be an asset in our efforts to expand and improve the organization. Personally, Donna is a delight to work with: intelligent and strong, but with a compassionate presence. Her motivation to contribute to the WCA is not based in self-promotion. In my association with Donna, I have found her to be an exceptional individual who has the skills, dedication and drive to contribute significantly to the WCA.

Donna Jackson’s Vision for WCA

“Beyond my passion for art and women, I have almost 20 years in managing, project management, marketing, and non-profits. For over 15 years, I worked as a brand and design manager for the fourth largest library system in the United States. I know how to deal with organizational structure, policies, and processes. I understand setting goals and the challenges it takes to complete them. I believe in plans, I believe in allowing people to lead, and I believe in responsibility. These are things that keep organizations running and growing.


As President-elect, I hope to push an initiative that will bring more diverse voices to the organization. This includes more people of color, more young women, more people with mixed economic backgrounds, and from different parts of our country. I want to use the digital platform and public spaces to increase access to art and this organization. Lastly, I hope to create clear paths to successful careers for women in the arts by sharing my marketing and branding skills and my talents to organize and simplify.”

See Donna Jackson’s Resume for more information! 

An email with Ballot information will be send to every member by end of December.



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