Allicette Torres
WCA Northeast Regional Chair and International Caucus Chair 

Dear Women’s Caucus for Art Board Members,

I have had the great opportunity to work with Sandra Davis from the first moment I began in leadership on the board of the Women’s Caucus for Art two years ago. And for me, was always set apart, she listened deeply and worked diligently. She has an uncanny way of weaving her practical corporate experience with Bank of America and her more abstract artistic sensibilities to aid her WCA’s national tasks.

I have seen her work directly at her local level chapter in Washington DC to curate shows and grow its membership. Thanks to Sandra, her chapter is one of the most innovative and active chapters the WCA currently has. On the National board, her work has been exemplary. Her tireless work seeps into various areas on the board, from helping with membership to drumming up innovative ideas on the Think Tank Committee. With her informed view as a seasoned WCA member who has been involved in leadership from many vantage points, she can understand the functions and importance of balance between local chapters and National. The first step to getting our organization to move forward is growing our membership and better value of services; Sandra is already doing work on both of those fronts.

Additionally, she can also assist Donna greatly in steering the ship, having understood her goals laid ahead because they are incongruently incubated in the Think Tank. The WCA is full of a world of promise, and the work the board has achieved through these trying Covid years has been formidable. I am so very proud of this board. And understanding the shifting sand of time we live in and with so much change still ahead, for me, our key players need to know how to steer us, and Sandra is already part of the pulse of the innovations of the WCA.

I couldn’t recommend her more highly, and I hope all board members consider her for the extraordinary task of President Elect.

Allicette Torres

Sandra Davis’ Statement of Intent for WCA

I am excited to assist the Women’s Caucus for Art in fostering change, growth, and the diversity of women artists in the US. I am proud WCA has tasked itself with becoming the organization that welcomes diversity and reflects diversity, this is why I am choosing to seek the position of President Elect.

I understand how National can set the standard and be the template for each existing chapter, as well as helping to develop new chapters using 21st-century ideas, technology, and resources. We are in dire need of new members, and with my experience with the Local Chapters and National leadership, I can assist in the endeavor. In this leadership capacity, it would be my goal to establish an annual focus, and each chapter would develop a strategic plan around this initiative. I would also like to foster cross-chapter involvement by identifying individuals within chapters who have unique skill sets. If our organization is meant to continue another 50 years, we must find a way to nurture and grow mentorship and leaders. Virtual technology has allowed us to partner with chapters and members, taking advantage of the talents and skills beneficial to all.

I have a clear understanding and support Donna Jackson’s vision for the organization. I have worked closely with Laura Morrison on projects such as the Think Tank to focus on brainstorming new ideas to pivot us into new avenues of growth for the organization.

I believe in this organization, and we can do great things for women in the arts. Let’s do that together.

Sandra Davis

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