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We welcome nominations for WCA’s next President Elect to take office this February 2020.
WCA is looking for nominees with outstanding leadership qualities, administrative skills and prior nonprofit board experience ideally on a WCA chapter or national board. Nominations may be made by any member in good standing or by self-nomination.
Read the description for this key leadership role (listed below) and then look to the talent in your own region or caucus for someone capable of taking the reins of the WCA. Be sure to give your suggested candidate ample time to prepare the required documents by June 30 and secure permission of the person you wish to nominate in advance.


Nominees must forward the following by September 30th in a word or pdf format to
1. Resume (not a CV) 
2. Short biography
3. Brief statement addressing:
 why you want to be the president, relevant skills, your leadership style and vision for WCA.
4. One or two letters of recommendation with the phone and email contact from those providing the references. The nominating committee will review the nominees on behalf of the Board of Directors. The board will then put forward one or two candidates for the WCA membership to select in a November election. The results will be announced no later than December 15, 2020.

The elected candidate will serve two consecutive terms—first as President Elect beginning in February 2020 and then as WCA President beginning in February 2022 with an optional term as Past President to follow.
As an activist community of women in the visual arts, we look forward to receiving your nominations for this key leadership role and to your voting in November.


WCA President Elect Responsibilities (2020-2022)

  • Serves on the Executive Committee.
  • Assumes other committee responsibilities to prepare for subsequent term as president.
  • Manages special assignments as requested by the president.

WCA President—Position Description and Responsibilities (2022-2024)

  • Provides WCA with the visionary and strategic leadership to ensure a strong focus on its mission and vision
  • Leads the Board of Directors in its governance role in accordance with the organizations bylaws and policies
  • Presides at board meetings to ensure timely and strategic decisions are made and actions are implemented
  • Fosters a collaborative work environment for board, volunteers and staff.
  • Keeps an eye on organizational operations to ensure that WCA functions effectively and maintains its 501(c) 3 status
  • Oversees the organization’s finances to ensure fiscal responsibility, accountability and long‐term stability
  • Guides fundraising and development efforts to ensure board set targets are met
  • Represents WCA in an official capacity to the community, membership and others who share WCA’s mission
  • Signs contracts and official documents unless specifically delegated to another agent of the WCA by the board of directors
  • Mentors the President Elect to ensure she is prepared for her upcoming term as president and can step into the presidency if needed
  • Consults with prior President to ensure a smooth transition and timely completion of unfinished, relevant business from her term
  • Manages and evaluates paid staff to ensure organizational goals are met and wage and labor laws are followed
  • Appoints non‐elected officers and committee chairs and fills vacancies of elected directors in a timely fashion
  • Authorizes charters for new chapters and withdraws charters from non‐conforming WCA chapters
  • Encourages all board members to participate fully and resolves conflicts when they arise between board members, staff or members
  • Maintains regular communications with the full board and membership
  • Submits a written report of WCA activities and financial status to the membership at least once a year
  • Submits a written report on activities accomplished during her term of office including recommendations for possible implementation by successor

WCA Past President Responsibilities (optional 2 year term)

  • Advises the President
  • Serves on executive and other committees at the request of the president



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