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2020 Conference Program

Thursday’s Opening Session, Chapters’ Council and Caucus Meetings


Laura Morrison, VP for Membership, will facilitate the annual member meeting and voting procedure for three new Directors to the National Board. All members are urged to come to the meeting to exchange chapter news, reports,etc.


JWAN (Jewish Women’s Artist Network)
Panel chaired by Reva Solomon, “The Role of Art and Artists Play in the Wake of Increased Anti-Semitism – Part 2”
Piggybacking on the success and attendance at the 2019 JWAN panel at the NY Conference, we will host a continued panel discussion with established artists and again moderated by JWAN Chair/Artist Reva Solomon. It was made clear by the panel presentation and audience participation that there was more to be talked about on this timely topic. Panelists TBA.

Roundtable discussion with Marcia Wood Mertinooke, Eco-art Caucus Chair, Dave Anthony and Gareth Reynolds, Plan It Change 10, co-founders. Plan It Change 10 (PC10) is a project initiated by the prediction that we have ten years to change the course of climate change on our planet, and through the collaboration of groups of artists we can make an impact in changing the perspective of those who seek to continue the forms of oppression causing it.

The effects of climate change are evident across gender, income, and geography. The history of ecofeminism has outlined and predicted our current situation. Through collaborative exchange, WCA and PC10 can create a combined compelling message of feminism and environmental action that will be more effective than singular effort.

The goal of this panel/discussion would be to identify our commonalities in climate change and to conceptualize and plan an art project expressing those ideas. Discussion will begin by presenting current knowledge of climate change and its effects to the environment as a whole and to individuals.

Following will be open discussion to share concerns for climate change, the environment, structures of global destruction, and their impact on current society and the future. Using this, the group will identify the parts most compelling to build into a larger message. Participants will be asked to explore ideas to create a concept of conveying the larger message and build a plan of action that will be continued outside of the panel discussion through social media.

Program/Meeting in planning stage at this time.