Chapter Documents

2023 Membership Guidelines — Detailed information on WCA membership and chapter forming, and job description for Membership & Treasurer Chairs

Chapter Report Form (Word file) to use for making Chapter Membership Payment Reports to National (Chapter Treasurers need this form)

MC Membership Tutorial — Detailed information on how to log in, update you profile and connect to other members.

WCA Pod Guidelines — Information on forming and operating a WCA Pod.

Internal Caucus Guidelines — General Rules

TO COME–Procedure for sending delegates to the Chapters’ Council Meeting held during the Feb. Conference

TO COME–Procedure for electing Chapters’ Council Members to the Natl. Board

WCA Governance Documents

WCA BYLAWS (Amended 2019-reviewed 2-2020)

WCA BYLAWS MODEL for chapters to use as a base to built upon

Mission Statement

Exhibition Documents

Exhibition Guidelines

Sample Exhibition Checklist created by New Hampshire Chapter

Exhibition Catalogs How-to

Code of Ethics for Curators

Juror Contract Form

Blind Jury Criteria

Financial Statements

Fiscal Year 2023 (Unaudited)
Balance Sheet
Profit & Loss Sheet

Fiscal Year 2022
Balance Sheet
Profit & Loss Sheet

Fiscal Year 2021
Balance Sheet
Profit & Loss Sheet

Fiscal Year 2020
Balance Sheet
Profit & Loss Sheet

Fiscal Year 2019
Balance Sheet
Profit & Loss Sheet

Fiscal Year 2018
Balance Sheet
Profit & Loss Sheet

Fiscal Year 2017
Balance Sheet
Profit & Loss Sheet

Fiscal Year 2016
Balance Sheet
Profit & Loss Sheet

Annual Budgets

FY24 Budget.pdf

FY23 Budget.pdf

FY22 Budget.pdf

FY21 Budget.pdf

FY20 Budget.pdf

FY19 Budget.pdf

FY18 Budget.pdf

FY17 Budget.pdf

FY16 Budget.pdf

Annual Audits

FY22 990EZ

FY21 990EZ

FY20 990EZ

FY19 990EZ

FY18 990EZ

FY17 990EZ

FY16 990EZ

FY15 990EZ

FY14 990EZ

WCA Board Minutes

2023 Winter Board Minutes, Zoom Meeting

2022 Summer Board Minutes, Zoom Meeting

2022 Winter Board Minutes, Zoom Meeting

2021 Summer Board Minutes, Zoom Meeting

2021 Winter Board Minutes, Zoom Meeting

2020 Summer Board Minutes, Zoom Meeting

2020 Winter Board Minutes, Chicago, IL

2019 Summer Board Minutes, Boulder, CO

2019 Winter Board Minutes, New York, NY

2018 Summer Board Minutes, Philadelphia, PA

2018 Winter Board Minutes, Los Angeles, CA

2017 Summer Board Minutes, Malibu, CA

2017 Winter Board Minutes, New York, NY

2016 Summer Board Minutes, New Orleans, LA


WCA Finding Aid for files at the Rutgers Archive located at the Alexander Library


A new logo for WCA was recently developed by long-time WCA member and Peninsula Chapter President, Rebecca Lambing.

Chapter Initiative: National logo files are available below for downloading so they may be personalize for each chapter. An individual may create their chapter logo by adding their chapter name. This is allowable as long as the national logo and logotype is not altered in any way; the national logo as part of a chapter logo must stay intact with no modifications.
Logos are available for your personalization as an Illustrator file (.ai) or as a Tiff file (.tif). The vector-based image in Illustrator is scalable to a very large size, limited only by the printer. The Tiff file is at 300ppi, a high resolution that can be used for most common applications.
The font used is Avenir Book, a font that is probably already on your computer. We suggest that you use a color from the prism circle for your chapter name to make it stand out. If you need help, please contact us at admin [at] nationalwca.org

WCA National Logo.tif


Please download the guide.


Members receive their login via email when they join on our MemberClicks platform.

If you need help logging in, contact admin@nationalwca.org.

WCA Member Directory and Mailing List Use Policy on our MemberClicks Portal:

Permission to access and use the information contained in the Member Directory or any WCA mailing lists is restricted to WCA members.
Members may not provide their login information to anyone else, authorize others to use information obtained from the Member Directory or Mailing Lists, or assign or transfer any Member Directory or Mailing list information to any individual or organization.

WCA maintains sole ownership over the national WCA Member Directory and any mailing lists obtained or used in conjunction with WCA business.

It is the policy of WCA that all information contained in the WCA Member Directory or WCA mailing lists, both in print and online, is entrusted to WCA members for their noncommercial personal use or WCA business only. WCA expressly prohibits the use of this information for any other purpose, including commercial, political, or promotional (marketing and sales).

Violation of this policy may subject the WCA member to sanctions up to and including permanent revocation of WCA membership.

Please notify WCA if you become aware of violations of this policy by sending an email to k.luner@nationalwca.org

Lifetime Awards Nomination Database is currently not browsable.

You can however download a spreadsheet to see if your favorite woman artist, art historian, collector, academic, gallerist, or curator is on the list.

If the person is not on the list, she might have already been honored. Please cross reference the Awards page. However, if you confirmed that she is not already an honoree, you can submit your candidate via a form on our Contact page.


Download the list

The information you provide is used by the Honors Selections Committee (Amalia Mesa-Bains, Catherine Morris, Ferris Olin, Howardena Pindell, Melissa Potter, and Ruth Weisberg) to select the Lifetime Achievement Awardees. Add as much information as you can—this is an ongoing project.

Mailing Address

Women's Caucus for Art
PO Box 1498
Canal Street Station
New York, NY 10013


c/o Karin Luner
131 Burnett Rd
Saugerties, NY 12477

Director of Operations

Karin Luner

WCA President Elect

Sandra Davis