Blanca Santander Testimonios

Testimonios, Blanca Santander’s poignant digital installation about migrant children forcibly separated from their parents and put into cages by the US government, speaks directly to our hearts. The artist created seven soft sculptures representing children, often in ragged clothes, each inscribed with words of the children who were placed into insufferable conditions in what is known as the Ursula Processing Center. Santander then arranged them in a digital exhibition, so one after another seems to come and speak to us. Friends and students of the artist spoke the words written on the sculpture.

Cynthia Navaretta Memorial

Cynthia Navaretta, a native New Yorker, was born Cynthia Greenberg on January 31, 1923, she was a graduate architect and mechanical engineer, a rarity in those days, but made a name for herself in what had been traditionally a male-dominated contemporary art world, beginning in the 1940s.


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