Call for Papers

Artlines, an online publication by Women’s Caucus for Art, will highlight the role of art created
for and about social change in its winter issue. Mass demonstrations allow likeminded people
to stand together publicly and champion a cause or protest an injustice; with this in mind, how
do the arts contribute to the dialogue on social injustice and inequality? As a community, artists
rally to create timely exhibitions, connect with communities, and reflect socio-political upheaval
in their work. Activism in contemporary art allows us to see connections between the now and
art historical precedents; what kind of parallels or divergences are there? We want to consider
how activism is reflected in the arts through actionable modalities: curation, collection,
creation, and cancellation. The intersection of social justice and art can be reframed through
the lens of art theory and critical analysis. Submissions from BIPOC, LBGTQIA, people with
disabilities and historically under-represented populations will be prioritized to ensure
marginalized voices have representation. WCA welcomes essays, articles, interviews, and
reviews centered upon how art espouses activism and encourages inclusion.
Submissions could include, but are not limited to, articles using a critical feminist perspective to

• Art exhibitions featuring women or female-identifying artists and focusing on activism
• Representation of women of color in leadership positions within museums and other art
world institutions
• Community-based strategies for teaching social activism through the arts
• Art historical perspectives on political and social change demonstrations led by women
• How women harness the power of social media for socio-political art and change
• Addressing the past: the debate on Confederate monuments
• How socio-political protests have sparked a new guerrilla mural movement (and other
guerrilla artistic interventions)
• How art has been used in contemporary and/or historical movements for social justice

Potential contributors are asked to submit a 250-word abstract. All submissions must be
formatted in .doc or .docx documents and should be double-spaced and in 12-point Times New
Roman font. Submit a 100-word bio with self-identification. Please email these materials to and with a subject line that
reads as follows “last name_submission”.

Deadline for receipt of abstracts: October 18, 2020
Notification will be emailed: November 1, 2020
Publication: February 2021

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