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Women’s Caucus for Art Conference 2022

Occupy the Moment: Embracing Our History, Enhancing Our Impact

50th Anniversary of the Women’s Caucus for Art

Chicago, IL February 17–20, 2022

This conference celebrates the 50th anniversary of the founding of the Women’s Caucus for Art. Our theme celebrates our strengths and accomplishments and explores how we are moving forward to embrace new agendas and support emerging voices.
The conference will include panels, workshops, a national member exhibition, the Lifetime Achievement Awards, and festive celebrations of this historic anniversary.  Save the dates and plan to attend.  We look forward to seeing you there.
A block of rooms will be reserved at The Hilton Hotel near the Art Institute.

Book your hotel rooms soon, prices are guaranteed through Jan 21, 2022.

Conference Program
Occupy the Moment: Embracing Our History, Enhancing Our Impact

We have an exciting line-up of panels and workshops for our conference in Chicago in February. The program is a wonderful assortment of workshops for personal and chapter development, presentations on the history and development of WCA, information on the business of art, and examples of the social relevance of artists as agents of change.


Welcome Session with Opening Remarks by Ruth Weisberg: WCA’s 50th Anniversary celebration will kick off with a welcome from WCA President Laura Morrison and Ruth Weisberg will share her memories from the day the WCA was formed 50 years ago at CAA in 1972.

WCA Leadership Interview Project: WCA’s Art Writer’s Committee will be interviewing Ruth Weisberg and Barbara Wolanin with ample time for crosstalk and audience questions. The WCA Leadership Interview Project, spearheaded by WCA’s Art Writer’s Committee, is an initiative to record and share interviews with WCA leaders in conjunction with celebrating WCA’s 50th anniversary.

Social Media Management: Veronica Clements and Libby Pettett will lead a workshop on social media management that includes hands-on graphics creation. This workshop will assist chapters and caucuses in making their social media more cohesive and in growing their on-line presences.

LET IT SHINE! Michelle Williams and Lourdes Guerrero offer a workshop on sharing your art through public speaking, storytelling and self-publishing, including marketing tips. This workshop is designed to teach you how to let your talents shine!

Parallel Histories: How a Little-known Government Jobs Program Kickstarted the Feminist Art Movement: Virginia Maksymowicz, Professor Emerita in the Franklin & Marshall College Department of Art and WCA member since 1978, presents the Comprehensive Employment and Training Act (CETA), a federally funded but locally administered program that supported tens of thousands of jobs and projects. Among the many CETA artists are Lifetime Achievement Awardees Ruth Asawa, Judy Baca, Bernice Bing, Maren Hassinger, Suzanne Lacy, Senga Nengudi and past national WCA president Helen Klebesadel. The panel will discuss the role of CETA in starting the feminist art movement.

“Labor of Love” The Alabama chapter members will present “Labor of Love”, a member exhibition and performance art installation, offering discussions of the hidden labor of women, our quality of life, and how to create the life you want even in an often hostile environment. The panel considers labor inequities at home and work, and calls for a redefinition of economics as a discipline dedicated to people’s well-being.

Chapters’ Council Representative’s Meeting: Chapter Reps and leadership will engage in a round-table discussion digging deeper into ideas and initiatives discussed during the WCA Chapters’ Council meeting which will have take place via Zoom before the conference.

BROWN BAG LUNCH MEETINGS: JWAN and the Young Women’s Caucus will meet during the lunchtime break. So, grab your lunch ahead of time and join in!

WCA Business Meeting at CAA Round-table discussion on the occasion of WCA’s 50th anniversary: Laura Morrison (WCA President), Donna Jackson (WCA President Elect), Judith Brodsky (WCA Past President 1976-1978), and Ofelia Garcia (WCA Past President 1984-1986). All WCA members are welcome to attend.

The CAA/WCA joint panel is Patti Jordan’s “Transhistorical Feminist Agency: A Matter of Gender, Race, Time and Place”. Panelists will consider optimal means for transcending histories and advancing intersectional feminist art and social justice. Prior challenges to intergenerational collaboration and collective socio-political collective action will be examined. Must have a CAA membership to attend.

EVENING EVENT & BUS TOUR: Kick-off party and “Best of Women” exhibition: Hosted by the Chicago Chapter at Stola Contemporary Art, Chicago, IL


How I Want to Be Remembered: Preserving Your Artistic Legacy Sandra Davis is leading a session on preserving your artistic legacy, an important responsibility for all artists. The panel will introduce an on-line inventory system and discuss the tools, steps and resources to consider in the process of planning your legacy.

Artist As Curator: Caren Helene Rudman moderates a panel that includes Lifetime Achievement Awardee Beate Minkovski. Issues inherent in being both an artist and a curator, including self-promotion and self-empowerment, will be considered.

How We Change: Radically Shaping Arts Organizing Through Community Building: Woman Made Gallery investigates the business of art by considering how to radically shape arts organizing through community building. Jamie Pitts, managing director, and Dashita Jain, Public Programs and Community Dialog, will moderate.  Inspired by Adrienne Maree Brown’s Emergent Strategy, the session will explore the intentional transformation of art gallery practice through equity and interdependence.

The Role of Art and Activism in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) Education: Amanda Banks chairs a multimedia session on the role of art and activism in STEM education. Panelists will present projects that brought art into traditionally STEM disciplines such as life-science, medicine and engineering. The advantages of a more holistic education will be considered and innovative projects such as art made via bacterial culture will be presented.

The Psychology of Inkblots – Tapping into the Imagination: Jessica Ann Nunno will demonstrate the use of inkblots to free the imagination and heighten creativity, and will lead workshop participants in inkblot creation. Supplies will be provided.

The Women’s Environmental Photography Collective (Margaret LeJeune, Judy Natal, Martina Shenal, Marion Belanger, Dana Fritz, and Terri Warpinski) was born out of a desire to create a more inclusive space in the historically androcentric fields of landscape and environmental photography. Our work interrogates and reconfigures the relationships among personal, cultural, scientific, and natural histories. Working to decolonize the dominant hierarchy of Western thought, we open new pathways for sustainability and environmental awareness as we model a way of building community, interaction, and support through our Collective.  Our panel discussion will focus on the power of collaboration among the arts, humanities, and sciences, which we continue to mine, to inspire socially-engaged art.

“All in the Same Boat – or Are We? : Anne Farley Gaines will present a power-point lecture on an exhibition that she curated in 2020 titled “All in the Same Boat – or Are We? Artists Respond to 2020” at Stola Contemporary Art in Chicago and will discuss the process of organizing, curating and installing. Fellow artist and Gallery Director at Stola Contemporary Art, Kelly Mathews, will partner in the lecture and will also stipulate the logistics of hosting two “live openings” and a “live closing” during a time when numerous area galleries were temporarily closed or holding only on-line exhibits.

Feminism, Art and Global Action: Collaborations in the Global Context: Emphasizing the fact that feminist artists have been at the forefront of collaborative art, Susan Ossman and Lydia Nakashima-Degarrod will discuss collaborative transnational art, new art forms and artists as agents of change in the landscape of the global art market.

BROWN BAG LUNCH MEETING: The International Caucus will meet during the lunchtime break. So, grab your lunch ahead of time to join in!

EVENING EVENT & BUS TOUR: Reception at the Bridgeport Art Center for WCA’s National exhibition “Occupy the Moment, Intersect History with Impact” juried by Dr. Maura Reilly


The Feminist Art Project (TFAP): TFAP will present a full day of panels that are free and open to the public. This year’s theme is “Feminist Solidarities and Kinships.”

Lifetime Achievement Awards and Gala: We will honor Awardees Lynda Benglis, Beate Minkovski, Gladys Nilsson, Lorraine O’Grady, and Linda Vallejo as well as the President’s Award for Art & Activism Awardee Sabrina Nelson, and the new WCA Emerging Artist Awardee Ashley January.


WCA Board meeting: All WCA members are welcome to attend!

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