Introducing Chiara Atoyebi

Oct 13, 2021 | Art Insights

Thank you & Welcome

Chiara Atoyebi

I would like to introduce you to Chiara Atoyebi and welcome her as my new Co-Editor of the Art Insights Blog. Chiara is currently a MFA student at Savannah College of Art and Design (SCAD) and new member of the WCA Art Writers Committee. She joins me on the blog, as we say thank you and farewell to Susan Platt. On behalf of the WCA Art Writers Committee, I want to express our sincere appreciation Susan for her work to reboot and co-edit the blog, and thank her for her contributions as long time member of WCA.

The daughter of two colonels, Chiara Atoyebi was born in Detroit, MI and raised as an Army brat. Moving around a lot played a large role in the formation of her worldview. At one point, Chiara attended four different high schools in four years, graduating from school in Seoul Korea.

Chiara’s creative work extends beyond fine art and writing. She began acting at the age of 13; her first movie Pigeon Toes was shot in Berlin, Germany where she was “discovered” while riding the bumper cars. Chiara went on to numerous lead and guest-starring roles in films and on television. As an author she has written two books, 3 AM Musings of Love Lost Love Found and Flight of the Phoenix: Broken Heels. Chiara describes her work as “decidedly feminist, centering women who have typically been voiceless back into their power, and creating new power dynamics.”

Chiara’s upcoming MFA thesis surrounds women’s connection to the land, reclaiming resources, and exploring spirituality at the intersections of art and agriculture. As a visual artist, she endeavors to create spirit vessels and reliquaries, using both sacred and found material while incorporating elements from nature. Chiara believes in the energy of materials and their ability to live on through the artwork and connect with viewers on a personal level.

Our current WCA Art Writers Committee’s 50th Anniversary Interview Project will be a perfect fit for Chiara, as she “is happy to be in the company of trailblazing feminist artists.” I am looking forward to working with Chiara and hope you will keep an eye out for her upcoming posts.

You can find more of Chiara’s work on Medium and at